Cajon (Meinl) Ergo-Shape Pedal Cajon

Meinl cajon mit pedal

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The MEINL Ergo-Shape Pedal Cajon features our German patented ergonomic curved frontplate, made from exotic African Bubinga Wood.  With the build- in pedal you can switch between a sound with or without snare. You can switch the pedal with your feet. So you've different cajon sounds with one cajon! 

The ergonomically shaped frontplate has a slight curve (Ergo-Shape) that follows the natural contour of your hands for extreme comfort when playing .


  • Ergo-Shape (patented in Germany)
  • Foot pedal (patent pending)
  • Internal, adjustable snare wires
  • Adjustable top corners
  • Padded sitting surface


  • Frontplate: Bubinga
  • Resonating body: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)



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