CD How to Play Didgeridoo Volume 4 Sale!

CD How to Play Didgeridoo Volume 4

CD How to Play Didgeridoo CD 4

Learn playing the didgeridoo with the How to Play the Didgeridoo series

It's fun, fast and easy!

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This is the 4th CD in the “Playing the Didgeridoo” series.

Prepare to be challenged! Step by step, this CD will build a series of complex rhythms to challenge even the most serious player. We clearly describe each rhythm and give you didgeridoo practice tracks for you to play along with. This CD is an excellent tool to take you to the top. Brace yourself! The booklet includes an outline of the rhythms covered, and the CD ends with an inspiring didgeridoo track.

What will this CD teach me?
How to pump out some seriously awesome didgeridoo playing! Combining all of the techniques you have learnt from CD’s 1 to 4, this CD will get your brain short circuiting and your tongue in twists as you take your didgeridoo playing to a whole new level!

What does the Australian treasures think?
We checked out a lot of didgeridoo lesson CD’s, DVD’s, websites & books for sale around the world, we can confidently say the “Playing The Didgeridoo” series is the most cutting edge, easy to follow, high quality didgeridoo lessons we have come across. It is by far the best way to learn how to play the didgeridoo, from the beginner to the performer. We recommend it highly!

Track List:
1. Introduction
2. Rhythm 1
3 - 6. Rhythm 1  Stages 1 - 4
7. Rhythm 2
8 - 11. Rhythm 2  Stages 1 - 4
12. Rhythm 3
13 - 16. Rhythm 3  Stages 1- 4
17. Rhythm 4
18 - 21. Rhythm 4  Stages 1 - 4
22. Rhythm 5
23 - 26. Rhythm 5  Stages 1 - 4
27. Rhythm 6
28 - 31. Rhythm 6  Stages 1 - 4
32. Congratulations
33. Creature from Planet Didge

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