Australian Treasures Slide Didgeridoo - AT-SLIDE including Bag

AT Slide Didgeridoo including Bag

Premium Fiberglass 


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With the AT-slide didgeridoo you only need one didgeridoo to blow multiple tones. This extendable didgeridoo has a huge tonal range from a low B to G. The didgeridoo comes with a nice didgeridoobag.

The didgeridoo is very easy to carry and only measures 98 cm/ 35'' when the didgeridoo is fully retracted.
The mouthpiece of this didgeridoo measures the ideal playing opening from 32mm and is very nice to play on.

This didgeridoo is very strong and does not suffer from moisture or weather influences, therefore also very suitable for outdoor use

The AT slide didgeridoo has a tonal range of B - G, the tone intervals are clearly depicted on the didgeridoo so that you can easily switch to a different key. This didgeridoo is just ideal if you want to play with 1 didgeridoo in different keys.

The slide didgeridoo is very easy to take to your band rehearsal or performance due to its compact size! (You can slide in the didgeridoo to a length of only 98cm/ 35''). The didgeridoo is very light in weight and therefore handy in every situation and of course on stage !!

The plastic didgeridoo has many advantages: Indestructible, light, strong and easy to clean.

Length: 35 '' - 68 '' (98 cm - 174 cm)

Key: B-C-C # -D-D # -E-F-F # -G

Weight:> 1 kg

Color: Black with paintings

Color Black
Painting Dotpainting
Material Fiberglass

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