Meinl Didgeridoo SDDG-BK + 5 CD-box pvc, length 130cm, Black + 5 CD-BOX

Plastic Didgeridoo. Meinl. 130 cm (black) + 5 CD-BOX

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130 cm / 51"
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 Synthetic Didgeridoo, ethno paint. 130 

  Meinl Synthetic Didgeridoo. This 51" synthetic Meinl didgeridoo is a modern twist on the traditional bamboo construction. It is extremely durable and is unaffected by weather, so it's perfect for outdoor use.The avantage of this didgeridoo is that its superstrong, lightweight so it's easy to carry and never have the stress that you brake your didge.

The mouthpiecesize is great and if you want you can use beeswax on it. Blow on this didge, feel the vibrations and  get a free facemassage!

Length: 130 cm

Key: C#

Weight: > 1 kg

CD-BOX: The complete “Playing the Didgeridoo” series.

The most cutting-edge didgeridoo lessons available anywhere! Upbeat, very engaging and easy to follow… you're gonna love these! From the basic drone through to playing complex rhythms, these CD's give you everything you need to sound fantastic! An essential part of any didge players CD collection. Includes 1 backingtrack CD to JAM with!!

What does the Australian Treasures team think? After checking out hundreds of different didgeridoo lesson CD’s, DVD’s, websites & books for sale around the world, we can confidently say the “Playing The Didgeridoo” series is the most cutting edge, easy to follow, high quality didgeridoo lessons we have come across. It is by far the best way to learn how to play the didgeridoo, from the beginner to the performer. We recommend it highly!

Length 130 cm / 51"
Color Black
Painting Dotpainting
Material Synthetic

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