Meinl Slide Didge TSDDG1-BK + DVD


MEINL Slide Didgeridoo TSDDG1-BK + instruction DVD ''Playing the Didgeridoo''


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The Meinl slide  didgeridoo is the new didgeridoo from MEINL. This slide didgeridoo has a huge pitch range which is from a low C - G #.  A half tone higher than the regular slidedidges such as the Didgeribone.

This didgeridoo is very strong and is not affected by moisture or weather conditions, so also suitable for outdoor use

This didgeridoo has a tone range from C - G #, tone intervals are clearly shown on thedidgeridoo so that in a moment to a different key can be switched. Ideal for when you want didgeridoo playing in various keys.

Also perfect to take along to your band rehearsal or ''gig'' by a handy size. (You can use thesliding didgeridoo to a length of only 92 cm). The didgeridoo is so lightweight and handy in every situation and of course on stage!

The plastic didgeridoo has many advantages: Indestructible, light, strong and easy to clean.

Length: 36''- 62''(92 cm - 157 cm

Key: C C # D D # E F F # G G #

Weight: >1 kg

Color: Black + dotpainting


With the Playing the Didgeridoo DVD, you can follow Tony in real time, select either a 30 or 45 minute program length - only the practice times vary, jump to, repeat or skip any section, anytime... Its completely interactive! 

You will learn how to prepare to play, make the drone, get a clearer drone, add your voice, make animal sounds, control your volume and tell a story on your didgeridoo. 

Tony also reveals a simple method of mastering circular breathing... and its much easier than you think!


Color Black
Painting Dotpainting
Material Fiberglass

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