DIDGERIDOO: Mahogany PRO 147cm including nylon Didgerdoobag

Australian Treasures Didgeridoo Mahogany PRO series including nylon didgeridoobag!

Mahogany / Natural

Model: AT-Mahogany-PRO

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147cm 58''
Wood, Ø 32mm
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DIDGERIDOO Mahogany PRO series 147cm/ 58'' : Mahoganie Professional didgeridoo (147 cm) including padded nylon didgeridoo bag with storage compartment and adjustable carrying strap. Length bag: 150cm/ 59''.
Beautiful mahoganie didgeridoo made of high quality wood, beautifully shaped and with a branded logo. This didgeridoo has a ideal funnelshape, rich overtones and is very easy to play. The didgeridoo has a nice wood mouthpiece with the ideal shape of Ø 32mm.
These didgeridoos are of exceptional good quality and are almost insensitive to cracks.
The length of the didgeridoo ensures that you can play the didgeridoo while standing!
Each didgeridoo is unique, therefore the appearance, shape and color of the didgeridoo may be different from the picture shown.

LENGTH: Lengte Didgeridoo 147cm | 58''/ Length bag 150cm | 59''. Weight: 3kg

SUITABLE FOR: Beginners/ Advanced. Suitable for beginners and advanced didgeridoo players who demand a higher quality and workmanship.

COLOR: natural color. Beautifully finished and with a branded logo.

DIDGERIDOO BAG: DIDGERIDOO-BAG 150cm (58 '') This Professional Australian Treasures Didgeridoo-Bag has a total length of 150cm is made of strong nylon with reinforced stitching and is also padded for optimal protection for your didgeridoo. The didgebag has an adjustable carrying strap and also has a large storage compartment with zipper for accessories such as beeswax for your didgeridoo mouthpiece or clapsticks.

Your didgeridoo is perfectly protected against shocks, humidity and temperature fluctuations. The didgeridoo has a padded strap for extra comfort during the transport of your didgeridoo. The didgeridoobag is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder

DIMENSIONS: 150 cm | Bell Ø 17 cm (widest end of the didgeridoo)

SUITABLE FOR :All types of didgeridoos with a length of up to 147 cm / 58 ''. Also very suitable for transporting the heavier eucalyptus didgeridoos, teakdidgeridoos, mahogany didgeridoos and other heavy didgeridoos.

SPECIFICATIONS: Nylon, black, water-repellent, 150 cm. The bag has a flap with a two-way zipper on the widest part and an extra compartment on the outside for small accessories such as beeswax or clapsticks.

MATERIAL: Lightweight nylon with reinforced stitching and also padded for optimum protection for your didgeridoo. The didgerido bag has a funnel shape and is made of water-repellent nylon.
Length 147cm 58''
Color Natural
Wood Mahogany
Mouthpiece Wood, Ø 32mm

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