Didgeridoo wood 130cm - didgeridoo for beginner - didgeridooDVD - beeswax

Australian Treasures Teakwood didgeridoo. Easy playing + DVD + 100% Australian beeswax

Model: ''Natural Paint''

Length: 130cm

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130 cm / 51"
Wood, Ø 32mm
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Teakwood didgeridoo - good counter pressure, similar sound to eucalyptus instruments

This is an good sounding and looking instrument. It's made of very strong teakwood. 

Every didgeridoo is handpainted. If you order a didgeridoo the painting can be different from the picture shown.

3 strips of pure Australian beeswax included

Length: 130cm

Weight: 2 kg

With the Playing the Didgeridoo DVD, you can follow Tony in real time, select either a 30 or 45 minute program length - only the practice times vary, jump to, repeat or skip any section, anytime... Its completely interactive!
You will learn how to prepare to play, make the drone, get a clearer drone, add your voice, make animal sounds, control your volume and tell a story on your didgeridoo.
Tony also reveals a simple method of mastering circular breathing... and its much easier than you think!

Length 130 cm / 51"
Color Brown
Wood Teakwood
Mouthpiece Wood, Ø 32mm

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