Didgeridoo ''natural paint'' + Bag

Australian Treasures Teakwood didgeridoo + Bag

Model: ''Natural Painted''

Length: 130cm

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130 cm/51 "
Vari colori
Tipo di legno:
Legno teak
Legno, Ø 32 mm
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Teakwood didgeridoo - good counter pressure, similar sound to eucalyptus instruments, painted finish.

This is an good sounding and looking instrument. It's made of very strong teakwood with nice paintings. 

Every didgeridoo has an unique painting. So the didgeridoo you order can have an different painting as shown.

Length: 130cm

Weight: 2 kg

Didgeridoobag: This Professional MEINL Bag is made from heavy duty nylon with reinforced stitching. It protect your instruments and assure hassle free transportation. Size: 147 cm

Lunghezza 130 cm/51 "
Colore Vari colori
Tipo di legno Legno teak
Pittura Dotpainting
Ugello Legno, Ø 32 mm

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