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Returns & Warranty


With a few exceptions you'll have a seven working days reflection period after receiving your order. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return the product within seven days without giving a reason. When your product is unexpectedly broken, this is not the reflection period, please look under the header warranty.

The following rules apply to the return of products under the reflection period:

  1. You get the purchase price exclusive postage within 10 days after receipt of your return.
  2. The shipping costs for returning the product is payed by you.
  3. The reflection does not apply to products that spoil quickly.
  4. Sealed CDs and DVDs must not be opened.
  5. Products must be returned in original packaging.
  6. The reflection is not time-sensitive products.

More information is available on the website of the Dutch Consumer Authority ConsuWijzer.nl.

If you would like to return a product, let us know! Depending on your product, specific return instructions may apply. You can register a return on our telephone number 0229-757766 or by email : info@australiantreasures.com .

Inside your order you'll find an coupon with the return address. You can use this coupon as an address sticker to return your parcel.

If your product has suffered any (transportation) damage please let us know. We will discuss with you what to do. In case of damage or manufacturing defects, the return expenses are always reimbursed.

Return address

You can send the product you wish to return to the following address:
Australian Treasures
Karos 81
1625 HT Hoorn
The Netherlands


All Australian Treasures products are manually selected for quality. It can still happen the product does not meet the requirements. Here are the steps you can take if your product does not work.

Defects on arrival

Did you receive a product which was defect upon arrival? Please contact us within seven days. Australian Treasures will send a new one as soon as possible, or in agreement with you, send a replacement product.

Defects during extended use

If your product broke down during regular use? Please contact us. Depending on the age and damage to the product, we will work with you to a solution, this means, for example, a new product, a repair or money back.

If you have questions about warranty on specific products, or you purchased a product from us which is not working properly? Please contact us!