Australian Treasures Spiral Travel Didgeridoo - AT-Spiral including travelbag!

Australian Treasures Spiral Travel Didgeridoo

Dimensions: 34 L x 28 W x 4 H (cm) / 13.3'''x 11'' x 1.5'' (inches)

Key = D

Model: AT-Spiral didge

Mouthpiece Ø 32mm

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Wood, Ø 32mm
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The Spiral Didgeridoo is a unique compact version of a full-length didgeridoo, in which the airway is ''rolled up'' in the form of a spiral.
The compact AT-Spiral Didgeridoo, which is only 34 cm/ 13.3'' long, is a real professional didgeridoo with very good back pressure and a beautifully finished wooden mouthpiece from 32mm.
The spiral didgeridoo is rich in overtones and the toots can also be played very easily.
The playing surface is rounded and beautifully finished, with a beautiful Australian Treasures logo.

This special didgeridoo gives you new possibilities in play & transport convenience. No dragging with a heavy didgeridoo but a unique pick up & play didgeridoo in handy format!

Try to play like a traditional didgeridooplayer or practice your advanced didgeridoo-skills at this Australia related horn instrument, playing at this spiral didgeridoo makes it all possible!

The compact size makes the AT-SPIRAL DIDGERIDOO the perfect instrument for on the road or to take to the studio without taking up much space.
Also very suitable for home study, the spiral didgeridoo sounds less loud than a normal didgeridoo, this didgeridoo does not bother the neighbors either!

The didgeridoo is made of mahogany and is very nicely varnished.

Also suitable as a musical instrument for children due to the compact didgeridoo format.

Spiral Didgeridoo specifications:
Size: 34 x 28 x 4 cm | 13.3'' x 11'' x 1.5''
Mouthpiece Ø 32mm
Key: D
Material: Mahogany wood

Length 34cm
Color Natural
Wood Mahogany
Mouthpiece Wood, Ø 32mm

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